"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
Score: 0-20 (Zone 1)
Score: 21-40 (Zone 2)
Score: 41-60 (Zone 3)
Score: 61-80 (Zone 4)
Score: 81 -100 (Zone 5)
Score: 101 - 120 (Zone 6)
Score: 121 - 140 (Zone 7)
Score: 141 - 160 (Zone 8)
Score: 161 - 180 (Zone 9)
Score: 181 - 200 (Zone 10)
Score: 81 -100 (Zone 5)
Zone: 5 - Express The Stress!

These guys are active. Active mentally, physically and socially. They are active with humour, wit, opinion and speech. They will not sit on the fence, but will go either way; you know where you stand pretty quickly around these guys!

But that’s a good thing in terms of stress because they are always off-loading it! However you have to learn how to handle them or you risk being offended, confused or will walk away in tears!
Their mouth can be their flute or their dagger!
They manage stress by burning it off often, running, long walks, talking, laughing, dancing, risk-taking; they work that way. They will not be boxed in. If you try to box them in they will simply be able to talk their way out of it! Excellent at arguing and fighting for their rights they make great activists, politicians, spokespersons, and leaders of all kinds.
But put them in a quiet empty room by themselves and by the time you go see them a few hours later, they will have ripped the pillows apart and started peeling the wallpaper off the walls! Yes, they often go mad in their own minds without activity!

They also have an acute tendency to “make mountains out of molehills”. But they will happily attest to being zany and ever so slightly crazy at times! 
It just adds to their personality and attractiveness.
Often artists, singers, and performers come from this colourful zone too, so there’s a little bit of a performance in each one. The Diva, the Lion and the Royal all come from this base. But at the same time, they are admired by many around them because they have got their stress mainly under control and will ferociously protect their public image regarding their state of mind (not wishing anyone to ever know they're hurt!). None of these guys will ever publically want to admit to have thrown the towel in and given up; they’re just too good for that!
On the flip side, when they are not channelling stress well, it will come out as cynicism, mockery, sarcasm, jealousy, bitterness and arrogance. This can also lead to more negative expressions like abusiveness, harshness, vengence, and aggressive attitudes. When they are low, their own internal dialogue can also be very self-deprecating by putting themselves down for not meeting their own high standards. They can expect to be treated like royalty sometimes or just think they are slightly better than those around them; these are just signs of excess stress, but when they are well channelled and have found their vocation they are fun, chirpy and a delight to befriend.

Having the capacity to be brilliant is one thing, but having the humility to take the necessary steps to success is another. Nothing good comes quickly and nothing special was born that way, it all took time, experience, growth and hard work. Take up meditation, art, writing or things like yoga to ground your powerful energies daily, and then begin looking at the steps it will take to get you to the top of your game. Try not to focus on other people quite as much, spend a little more time within and you’ll find you hit the right formula for success in all areas of your life.

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