"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
Score: 0-20 (Zone 1)
Score: 21-40 (Zone 2)
Score: 41-60 (Zone 3)
Score: 61-80 (Zone 4)
Score: 81 -100 (Zone 5)
Score: 101 - 120 (Zone 6)
Score: 121 - 140 (Zone 7)
Score: 141 - 160 (Zone 8)
Score: 161 - 180 (Zone 9)
Score: 181 - 200 (Zone 10)
Score: 101 - 120 (Zone 6)
Zone: 6 - On Fire!

So here we hit the fire zone! This is the place where you roast and toast with the best, or get burnt and learn like the rest! 

Those who are here have discovered one of two things: Either that their current level of stress is about to break them down - or that by channelling their stress effectively they have become extremely successful and it’s helped to make them!
It could be fame, wealth, status, politics, or other high states of existence we may recognise publically in this world, but these people are always leaders.

However, control is a huge issue here! If a person in this category has not found their calling in life, they will almost certainly be going out of their mind every day with hunger, desire and thirst for that one thing that will make them feel like their life is a success!
As long as people in this zone are channelling their stress well, they will not be particularly interested in “inner peace” right now. It is external accomplishment that gives them internal peace. Their frame of mind is that they are out to make something of themselves. The inner world can remain a bit of a challenge at times, mainly because they don’t enjoy slowing down too often unless it is to admire and enjoy their life, family or lifestyle - but to go deeper than that is usually not on the cards.
When people in this zone are not in a good space, they face their biggest challenges - anger, impatience, irritability and a lack of sympathy and compassion. They may also suffer from conceitedness, rashness, cold-heartedness and abusive obnoxious behaviour. This type of behaviour creates negative energy and attracts harmful consequences. Upon deeper examination you find that although the outcome may appear negative, the motivation was never to harm - there is no vindictiveness. The anger simply came from a deep emotional imbalance that hasn’t been addressed properly and has been displaced into their attitudes.  
But when there is movement, a good flow of decision-making, constant action and a sense of achievement, it creates very little negative action. It is their sense of contentment through positive movement that stops them harming others on purpose or otherwise. When they have what they want in life they are content; it is only when they are hungry that they are dangerous. Imagine keeping a tiger hungry then trying to stroke it! For someone looking for a sense of achievement via achieving the top positions in the external world - this is the zone to be in!

There is an old saying – make hay while the sun shines. One interpretation of this is to take advantage of a good moment by preparing and saving for the inevitable rains of life. If you learn how to find peace inside yourself while situations are favourable and your stress is being channelled out, then when life does challenge you, and situations may not be in your favour, you have practised finding another source of peace and contentment. Externalities are always going to change; people, money and health can come and go, and your happiness is challenged at these times. So to prevent yourself being upset or angry, find a source of peace that is not related to external conditions and start familiarising yourself with this a little more often

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