"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
Score: 0-20 (Zone 1)
Score: 21-40 (Zone 2)
Score: 41-60 (Zone 3)
Score: 61-80 (Zone 4)
Score: 81 -100 (Zone 5)
Score: 101 - 120 (Zone 6)
Score: 121 - 140 (Zone 7)
Score: 141 - 160 (Zone 8)
Score: 161 - 180 (Zone 9)
Score: 181 - 200 (Zone 10)
Score: 161 - 180 (Zone 9)
Zone: 9 - Burn Out!

Someone in this zone has gone past the safe level of stress and is in line for some type of imminent burn-out or breakdown. The excess stress can manifest itself as an emotional or mental breakdown, depression or anxiety problem, or a random act of
violence, self-abuse or even becoming suicidal.
Success and happiness do come to this person, but it’s often short-lived, short-term and based on excitement, adrenaline  and passing trends rather than a deep creative or life-long passion. They rarely set out to achieve success after thinking about the long term benefits and financial security; they simply are not that prudent or patient (unless they have paid someone to think for them!)
Success is often based on power, control and force. There is no real regard for those who are affected adversely by their ascent to “the top”. This person finds human interaction challenging at any other level than their own. There is a great sense of self-importance, selfishness and self-indulgence, yet at the same time, when they are in a good space, these people are extremely powerful, strong and successful in projects as long as they are the leaders.
They do not readily understand the concept of following direction; hence this person is a director, manager, head politician, chairperson or a person in a similar position of authority. Negatively, they are war dictators, fundamentalists and mob leaders. This person is characterised by extreme mood swings and late, often sleepless nights; they like stimulants and sedatives so they can control their sleep and energy levels. “Live fast and die young” is often their motto, and unfortunately, sometimes, their eventual outcome. 

Consider the boomerang effect of life – that what you do comes back to you. It’s called “Karma”. No one escapes this law and neither will you! Consider the planets, stars and wonders of nature. No one knows how they came about, perhaps a grand Creator or a superior intelligence, but it certainly doesn’t look random. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that somehow your actions are being transferred into an ethereal record which will send back to you the negative energy you may be putting out – even if it is not malicious. Consider other people in your life sometimes more than yourself, and consider taking a course in meditation, relaxation, or stress management as a matter of urgency too

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