"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!
Productivity and financial implications
in the last decade the average working time in the UK has gone up by 20%, whilst leisure time has decreased by 38%. The result of this is excess stress.
Back in 2004, days off due to stress cost the UK Economy around 7 billion pounds* (in sick pay, lost production and hospital bills). *Health and Safety Executive UK
Imagine how much it’s costing now?
In this current economic climate we need our employees to work hard. But we also have a humane and financial responsibility to teach them HOW to handle the extra pressure better.
Teaching them a system and techniques such as these will lead to more productivity/financial gain, plus a saving from not having to hire temporary staff and seeking replacement staff, training them, and dealing with the handover/integration time.
Team cohesion and attitude
Reducing STRESS means increasing composure, calmness, and consideration. If your team was full of individuals who were capable of patience under pressure without compromising productivity, you would find increased team happiness.  

Team division, mutiny, squabbling and undermining are all results of fear and aggression. Whilst this was cultivated in the last century as a skilful way of pushing employees to the maximum by pitting them against each other, the emphasis going forward has to be on the team, not the greedy individual.

It is not possible to see the bigger picture, or even the individual next to you, when your mind is full of fear, tension and aggression.

The age of dog eat dog is dead. It's all about the cool cats now.
Representation of company
The person that represents a company does exactly that.

If the individual is late, messy, poorly mannered and cannot keep their eyes open, I’m sure we’d all agree that the image of the company would also be somewhat tarnished!

However, if the representative was in good shape, smiled, looked like they’d had a good night’s sleep and was attentive to our requirements, we would believe the company to also be of excellent stature.

Two individuals can perform the same task, but the way they present and approach the task can be miles apart. Performance has such a deep psychological effect on the customer and the repute of the brand, that it can often be the unseen factor that drives a customer from one brand to the next (despite very little difference in the actual product or service).
When an employee is over-worked, under-rested and often under-paid, the result is exactly this – a poor representation of your company. But teach them to manage their stress, sleep well and be calm, and suddenly your brand looks good. And that can only mean more success in every customer relationship and more corporate success.

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