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What is stress?
The aim of this system is not to banish stress, it's to manage stress.

Read the article below for a different angle on stress...

Oranges and guitars

It could be said that without stress the world would fall apart.

Everything is under stress; a bridge, a guitar string, the stalk of an orange hanging from an orange tree.

Everything is under stress. Stress is fine!  

It is too much stress we have to watch out for. Excess stress in nature creates premature circumstances like decay, disease or even death!

An extremely heavy orange can over stress the stalk, which eventually breaks, and consequently the fruit falls to the ground before being ripe.

A guitar string wound up too tightly will be under excess stress when played and will break sooner than it's life expectancy.

A bridge whose load is too great for its pillars will collapse under the stress prematurely.

Fancy a game of Snap?
We are like guitar strings.

Under the right amount of pressure we will perform beautifully.

But keep us too relaxed and you could say we're out of tune with the rhythm of life.

Wind us up too much and we are not only less constructive, but eventually we SNAP!

“I think I need some time off Sir…I need to rest.”

“Time off? Rest? It's only 9pm on a Friday night! Get back to work!”

How much is "too much" stress?

As humans we yearn for goals. We like  to stretch and test ourselves.

We love to discover our limits, push our  barriers and break new ground. 

We want to see where our edge is. 

For this to happen we have to create the right amount of stress, pressure and force and place it upon ourselves. That makes us move.

Healthy passion, desire, and ambition will all create the right amount of stress.

Stress is not a dirty word...

...but when someone says they are under “too much stress” there is a problem. 

There is a point where stress becomes distress. 

That is the point where action needs to be taken.

Build and destroy
But when is that point?

One person’s "healthy level of  stress" could be another person’s nervous breakdown, and yet another person could “handle that call” over breakfast whilst still managing to complete the daily sodoku!
Stress is both cumulative and defereable.

A breakdown at home could suddenly make a simple exchange at work a furious flashpoint, and vice-versa.

Stress builds without relaxation, but we don’t know when or where it will need a release - but it will!

If we don't relax what happens?

Blow up or blow out!
The pressure will build and there will be one of two responses: 

Internal combustion or an external eruption. 

An internal reaction is a known as a (nervous) breakdown and can involve  illness and depression. 

An external reaction will involve anger, aggression and rage. 

Internal destruction or external destruction. All a result of too much stress... and crossing that "point".

The bridge fell down - too many heavy lorries. The Orange stalk broke, the orange was too heavy. The guitar string snapped, it was pulled too tight and played too hard.

Prevention is easier than cure
Once this process has happened, the results can be terminal or reparable, the range of outcomes are as broad as the ocean. 

Marriages can break down or just go through changes. Businesses can collapse or just need a reshuffle. Heart failure, cancer, and all kinds of illnesses can take over, but health can be regained. The journey back can be long and hard, but it is always possible.

What smart people do is manage their stress beforehand. And that is what we’re all about.

Anticipating the weight of the orange and plucking it or catching it. Seeing the bridge cracking and supporting it. Feeling  the guitar string straining... and loosening it.

Prevention. Management. Control.

Lights, Camera, Action!

So now we've spoken about the need for appropriate stress, why don't you let the experts come and talk to your company about it?
Maybe together we can not only create a better business, but also a happier place to work.

At Iog5m, we don't lecture people, we train you in the tools, techniques and trade-secrets of bringing stress levels to their optimum point any day, every day, within 5 minutes.

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