"I've only got 5 minutes!"
The incredible new stress management tool for people who don't have more than 5 minutes to chill out!

Why was "I've only got 5 minutes" created?

Many stress management and relaxation techniques exist in the world market, but often they take time to administer.

In the corporate world TIME is arguably as valuable as money.

A solution was therefore needed if the corporate mind-set was to benefit from relaxation and stress control techniques. This is the reason why "I've only got 5 minutes!" was created.

“An excellent session with Neil. He is knowledgeable, delivers in detail, is RESULT orientated - and friendly! Do invite him next year!”- Hitesh Zaveri, Head of Investments, Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund
Why is it different to other  techniques?

The biggest difference is SPEED.

The exercises are designed to work within 5 minutes once learnt. Other techniques may be effective, but clients come to this system because it is taught and administered with a pace that matches the lifestyle of the corporate world. 
“It was MAGICAL how he made me feel calm and peaceful in my mind. He gave extremely valuable and helpful tips for stress. I am sure Neil's work will help professionals and other people if he does more such sessions. All the best and thank you Neil” - Prajakti S. Kotwal, Vice-President, Financial Technologies Ltd

How does yoga and meditation fit into this system?

This is not a yoga class, but the ancient metaphysical science of yoga provides us with verifiable insights into the workings of the consciousness, nervous system and body. Combined with modern biology, the two systems create an unerringly powerful tonic for stress.
Iog5m strips the teachings of yoga, meditation and many other systems like CBT and NLP down, and delivers the relevant information to the client. 

We believe in taking the best from the past, acclimitising it to our present times, and administering it to create a happier future for our clients.

"I had a LOVELY experience" - Manish Singhai, CIO, Asian Equities, Aviva Investors Asia PTE Ltd

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